Peri Peri Burger

Grilled peri-peri seasoned ground chuck patty served on a Dutch crunch roll with arugula, sliced tomato and shredded coleslaw in Litehouse® Poppyseed Dressing; and topped with Peri Peri sauce.

Cuisine: Burger


4 ozGround Chuck Patty
1 tbspPeri Peri Dry Rub
1 eaDutch Crunch Roll
1 cupArugula
1 eaTomato 5x5 3/8" sliced
1 ozPeri Peri Sauce
2 ozShredded Cole Slaw Mix
½ tspGround Black Pepper
1 tspKosher Salt
1 tspBrown Sugar
1 tspGarlic
1 tspOnion Granulated
1 tspCumin
1 tspChili Powder
½ tspDry Mustard


Mix all ingredients until evenly blended, then place in the spice shaker and use for service.
Place the cole slaw mix in bowl and cover with warm water. Let the mixture stand for 2-6 hours at room temperature.
Drain the water from the cole slaw mix, then fold in the dressing until evenly mixed. Place the cole slaw in the refrigerator for service.
Fold the ground chuck with the peri peri seasoning, then form into patties. Store in the refrigerator for 2-6 hours before cooking.
Season the steak burger on both sides and place on the grill or flat top. Cook the burger patty 3-6 minutes on per side until appropriate temp is reached: Rare: 120-125°F, 3 minutes per side; Medium Rare: 130-135°F, 4 minutes; Medium: 140-145°F, 5 minutes per side; Medium Well: 150-155°F, 6 minutes per side.Cut the Dutch roll in half and toast in the vertical toaster or flat top. Place the toasted sides of the roll up on the plate or packagingIn the mixing bowl, combine the sour dressing and peri peri sauce. Then spread the sauce mixture evenly over the top and bottom side of the Dutch roll.Place the tomato on the bottom bun.Place the arugula on the sliced tomato.Place the prepared burger on the arugula.Place the cole slaw mix on the burger patty. The burger can be served open face or topped with the top bun.

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