Pear and Apple Spinach Salad

Colorful and crisp salad packed with salty and sweet flavors and drizzled with Litehouse® Original Blue Cheese.

Cuisine: Salad • Sandwich • Family Casual


¼ eaRipe Pear
¼ eaSweet Apple Cored and sliced
6 ozSpinach
½ eaBlood Orange Peeled and cut into wheels
2 ozBlue Cheese Crumbled
¼ eaShallot Thinly sliced
2 ozAlmond Sliced
½ tspSalt
½ tspPepper


Place spinach in a bowl and top with the pear slices, apple slices, blood orange, shallots, almonds and blue cheese.Season the salad with salt and pepper, to taste.Drizzle with the Litehouse® Chunky Blue Cheese and serve.

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