Jerk Philly Burger

A twist on a traditional Philly chicken cheesesteak – a well-seasoned jerk steak chicken patty topped with jerk cheese sauce and a pepper mix on a French roll.

Cuisine: Burger


4 ozGround Chicken
1 tbspJerk Seasoning
1 tspKosher Salt
1 eaFrench Sandwich Roll
3 ozJerk Cheese Sauce, Sub Recipe
2 ozJerk Pepper Mix, Sub Recipe
½ ozYellow Pepper Julienned
½ ozRed Pepper Julienned
½ ozGreen Pepper
1 ozSweet Onion
1 tbspOlive Oil or Blended Oil
1 tspKosher Salt
2 ozMango Fresh or Frozen, 1/2" diced
1 tspScotch Bonnet Chili Flakes


On LOW-HEAT add the mayonnaise, jerk seasoning, sour dressing and sharp cheddar cheese to the sauce pan and stir until all cheese melts.
Remove the cheese sauce from the heat and let cool to under 40°F, then set on kitchen line for service.
On MEDIUM-HEAT add oil in the sauté pan, then add the onion, peppers and salt. Cook the vegetables until the peppers start to caramelize.
Turn the heat to LOW and add the mango, scotch bonnet pepper flakes, and sesame dressing and cook until liquid is almost gone.Adjust the flavor with the salt as appropriate and let cool under 40°F, then set on kitchen line for service.
Fold the ground chicken with the jerk seasoning and form into patties. Store the patties in the refrigerator for 2-6 hours before service.
Season the burger on both sides with the kosher salt and place on the grill or flat top. Cook the patty until internal temp: 165°F, 6 minutes per side.Cut the French roll in half and toast in the vertical toaster or flat top. Place the toasted sides of the roll up on the plate or packaging.Spread the mayonnaise on the toasted bottom bun.Place the cooked burger on the mayonnaise.Place the Jerk cheese sauce on the burger.Place the Jerk peppers in the cheese sauce.The burger can be served open face or topped with the other roll.

Jerk Cheese Sauce

½ tbsp Jerk Seasoning
1 oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese Shredded

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