Idaho® Potato Dumplings with Litehouse® Ranch

Pan seared Idaho potato dumplings served with diced ham, Jimmy Dean sausage, cheese, bell peppers and chipotle buttermilk ranch topped with a fried egg.

Cuisine: Family Casual


4 eaIdaho® Russet Potatoes Peeled
2 tspKosher Salt Plus more for water and post-seasoning
1 tspFresh Black Pepper
1 tspGranulated Garlic
1 tspSage
1 eaEgg Whisked
2 cupAll Purpose Flour
Oil For cooking
Breakfast 4 Buffalo Skillets
½ cupHam Diced
½ cupCooked sausage
4 eaEggs
½ cupCheddar Cheese
½ cupBell Peppers
1 cupChicken Tenders Diced
½ cupCheddar Cheese
2 tbspGreen Onion Sliced
1 cupBuffalo Ranch


In a large pot of boiling salted water, add the potatoes and cook until fork tender.Mash until no lumps remain and combine the remaining ingredients. Knead well until combined.Form into 1-ounce dumplings and drop into the boiling salted water. Remove once the dumplings float - about 4 minutes. Reserve until ready to use or cover and refrigerate. Par cooked dumplings will hold for 2-3 days.To serve, preheat a large skillet with a splash of oil over MEDIUM-HIGH heat.Add dumplings and cook until golden - about 5 minutes.Season with salt and top with desired toppings.
Buffalo Ranch

Buffalo Ranch

2 tbsp Franks Red Hot

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