Hand Breaded Chicken Salad

Chicken breast (or thigh) double breaded and fried. Served on a bed of shredded romaine lettuce and coleslaw blend, with sliced apples, blueberries, pickled red onion and roasted cashews. Tossed with a choice of our Litehouse® Country Buttermilk Ranch, Litehouse® Sesame Ginger or Litehouse® Honey Mustard.

Cuisine: Burger • Sports Bar • Salad • Sandwich • Family Casual


Chicken Marinated Procedure
8 oz Buttermilk
6 ea Chicken Breast or Thigh Boneless
Breading Procedure
1 lbsFlour
3 tbsp Lawry's Season Salt
2 tbsp Garlic Herb Seasoning
1 lbsCornstarch
Salad Build
4 ozBreaded Chicken Breast
3 ozRomaine Shredded
3 ozShredded Coleslaw Blend
1 ozApples Diced
1 ozBlueberries
1 ozCashews Roasted
1 ozPickled Red Onion


Marinate Chicken: Add the chicken and buttermilk in a stainless steel bowl. Marinate and refrigerate overnight.Breading Chicken: In the stainless steel bowl mix the flour, cornstarch, Lawry's season salt, and garlic herb seasoning. Place the breading bowl aside. Drain the overnight marinaded chicken, keeping the marinade. Place the chicken in the breading mix, then back in the marinade, then back in then breading mix. Pan fry each piece of chicken 3 minutes on each side.
In the stainless steel bowl, add the romaine, coleslaw blend, apples, and blueberries. Toss with the dressing.
Place the salad mix in center of the plate.Top the salad mix with the chicken.Drizzle the dressing zigzag across the chicken and salad mix.Garnish with cashews and pickled onion.

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