Fresh Shrimp & Avocado Salad

Butter-poached shrimp, diced avocado and fresh vegetables – diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, and a jalapeno pepper - on a bed of spring mix, topped with cilantro and corn tortilla tostadas. Tossed with a choice of our Litehouse® Jalapeno Ranch or Litehouse® Sesame Ginger Dressing.

Cuisine: Family Casual • Sandwich • Seafood • Salad • Burger


Butter Poached Shrimp
1 lbs Shrimp
3 cup Water
1 cup Butter
1 tbsp Garlic Fresh chopped
1 tsp Kosher Salt
Salad Build
4 ozShrimp
2 eaCorn Tortilla Tostadas
4 ozSpring Mix
1 ozRoma Tomato Diced
1 ozCucumber Diced
½ ozRed Onion Diced
2 ozAvocado Diced
1 tbspJalapeno Pepper Deseeded & diced
1 tbspCilantro Fresh chopped


Butter Poached Shrimp: Bring water to a boil add butter, salt, garlic. After the butter melts add shrimp let cook 10-12 minutes or until shrimp is pink.
In the stainless steel bowl, toss the tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado, jalapeno peppers, and cilantro. Pour and mix in the dressing. Set the mixture aside.
Drizzle the dressing side to side on plate.Place the spring mix on dressing.Place the shrimp on top of the lettuce.Place the vegetable mixture on the shrimp.Garnish with the diced avocado 3 o'clock and the tostadas 6 o'clock on the plate.

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