American Burger Salad

Dry-rubbed beef brisket roasted for 12-hours, then sliced. Prepared as a spin on a classic burger – a bed of shredded romaine and iceberg with sliced brisket, shaved cheddar, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onion, bread and butter pickles and crispy tater tots. Served with a choice of our Litehouse® Thousand Island, Litehouse® Homestyle Ranch, or Litehouse® Honey Mustard.

Cuisine: Salad



Beef Brisket Procedure
4 ½ lbs Beef Brisket
½ cup Grill Seasoning
Salad Build
5 ozBeef Brisket
3 ozRomaine Shredded
3 ozIceberg Lettuce Shredded
1 ozCheddar Cheese Shaved
1 ½ ozRoma Tomatoes Sliced
1 ½ ozBread and Butter Pickles Sliced
½ ozRed Onion Sliced
2 ozTater Tots


Beef Brisket: Place the brisket on foil sheets (3 sheets). Pat dry the brisket with a paper towel, then rub the brisket with the grill seasoning. Fold the foil sheets around the brisket and cover it tight. Place the brisket on the sheet pan and bake in the oven at 300° F for up to 12 hours. Cook until internal temp reaches 180° F. When done cooking, let the brisket stand 15-20 minutes. Slice to order.
Toss the romaine and iceberg in a stainless steel bowl until evenly mixed. Place the lettuce mix in the center of the plate covering 3/4 of plate.
Place the sliced tomato 2 o'clock on salad base.Place the sliced pickles 5 o'clock on salad base.Place the red onion 8 o'clock on salad base.Spread the tater tots and shredded cheese evenly over salad base.Place the brisket in center of the plate.Drizzle the dressing in zigzag pattern over the salad .

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